Get instant access to a FTP server with over 30 previous days worth of WHOIS data, dropped domains and newly registered domains daily! Over 5 Million domains are registered Every Month. With our services you will be able to get vast amounts of data updated daily with and without whoisprivacy. After subscribing you will be assigned a FTP account to easily access the data you need Instantly.

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Daily Updates for 30 days

Monthly Subscription - $75.00 USD / month

By subscribing, you agree that once a monthly payment (including the first payment) has been successfully processed, there are no refunds for that billing cylce. To cancel future billings of a subscription, you will need to contact us at support@whoisdata.club


Supported TLDs

Classic: aero, asia, biz, com, info, mobi, name, net, org, pro, tel, us Gtlds: aaa, abb, abbott, abogado, academy, accenture, accountant, accountants, aco, active, actor, ads, adult, aeg, afl, agency, aig, airforce, airtel, amica, amsterdam, android, apartments, app, aquarelle, aramco, archi, army, arte, associates, attorney, auction, audio, auto, autos, axa, azure, band, bank, bar, barcelona, barclaycard, barclays, bargains, bauhaus, bayern, bbc, bbva, bcn, beer, bentley, berlin, best, bet, bharti, bible, bid, bike, bing, bingo, bio, black, blackfriday, bloomberg, blue, bms, bmw, bnl, boats, bom, bond, boo, boots, boutique, bradesco, bridgestone, broker, brother, brussels, budapest, build, builders, business, buzz, cab, cafe, cal, camera, camp, cancerresearch, canon, capetown, capital, car, caravan, cards, care, career, careers, cars, cartier, casa, cash, casino, catering, cba, cbn, ceb, center, ceo, cern, cfa, cfd, chanel, channel, chat, cheap, chloe, christmas, chrome, church, cipriani, cisco, citic, city, claims, cleaning, click, clinic, clothing, cloud, club, clubmed, coach, codes, coffee, college, cologne, commbank, community, company, computer, condos, construction, consulting, contractors, cooking, cool, coop, corsica, country, coupons, courses, credit, creditcard, cricket, crown, crs, cruises, csc, cuisinella, cymru, cyou, dabur, dad, dance, date, dating, datsun, day, dclk, deals, degree, delivery, dell, delta, democrat, dental, dentist, desi, design, dev, diamonds, diet, digital, direct, directory, discount, dnp, docs, dog, doha, domains, doosan, download, drive, durban, dvag, earth, eat, education, email, energy, engineer, engineering, enterprises, epson, equipment, erni, esq, estate, eurovision, eus, events, everbank, exchange, expert, exposed, express, fage, fail, faith, family, fan, fans, farm, fashion, feedback, ferrero, film, final, finance, financial, firmdale, fish, fishing, fit, fitness, flights, florist, flowers, flsmidth, fly, foo, football, forex, forsale, forum, foundation, frl, frogans, fund, furniture, futbol, fyi, gal, gallery, game, garden, gbiz, gea, gent, genting, ggee, gift, gifts, gives, giving, glass, gle, global, globo, gmail, gmo, gmx, gold, goldpoint, golf, goo, goog, google, gop, graphics, gratis, green, gripe, group, gucci, guge, guide, guitars, guru, hamburg, hangout, haus, healthcare, help, here, hermes, hiphop, hitachi, hiv, hockey, holdings, holiday, homedepot, homes, honda, horse, host, hosting, hoteles, hotmail, house, how, hsbc, hyundai, ibm, icbc, ice, icu, ifm, iinet, immo, immobilien, industries, infiniti, ing, ink, institute, insure, international, investments, ipiranga, irish, itau, iwc, java, jcb, jetzt, jewelry, jlc, jll, joburg, jprs, juegos, kaufen, kddi, kia, kim, kinder, kitchen, kiwi, koeln, komatsu, krd, kred, kyoto, lacaixa, lancaster, land, lasalle, lat, latrobe, law, lawyer, lds, lease, leclerc, legal, lexus, lgbt, liaison, lidl, life, lighting, limited, limo, linde, link, live, lixil, loan, loans, lol, london, lotte, lotto, love, ltd, ltda, lupin, luxe, madrid, maif, maison, man, management, mango, market, marketing, markets, marriott, mba, media, meet, melbourne, meme, memorial, men, menu, miami, microsoft, mini, mma, moda, moe, moi, mom, monash, money, montblanc, mormon, mortgage, moscow, motorcycles, mov, movie, movistar, mtn, mtpc, mtr, museum, mutuelle, nadex, nagoya, navy, nec, netbank, network, neustar, new, news, nexus, ngo, nhk, nico, ninja, nissan, nokia, nra, nrw, ntt, nyc, obi, office, okinawa, omega, one, ong, onl, online, ooo, oracle, orange, organic, osaka, otsuka, ovh, page, panerai, paris, partners, parts, party, pet, pharmacy, philips, photo, photography, photos, physio, piaget, pics, pictet, pictures, ping, pink, pizza, place, play, playstation, plumbing, plus, pohl, poker, porn, prod, productions, prof, properties, property, protection, pub, racing, realtor, realty, recipes, red, redstone, rehab, reise, reisen, reit, ren, rent, 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xn--unup4y, xn--vermgensberater-ctb, xn--vermgensberatung-pwb, xn--vhquv, xn--vuq861b, xn--xhq521b, xn--zfr164b, xperia, xxx, xyz, yachts, yamaxun, yandex, yodobashi, yoga, yokohama, youtube, zara, zip, zone, zuerich

File template

Files i/o pattern is as follows:


Once uncompressed, each csv file can be directly accessed or imported.

Supported Columns(Header Row)


Example Data Row

"succeswithneraida.info","GoDaddy.com, LLC (R171-LRMS)","beautybyneraida@outlook.com","whois.afilias.info","NS51.DOMAINCONTROL.COM|NS52.DOMAINCONTROL.COM|","2015-11-04T16:31:31Z","","2016-11-04T16:31:31Z","2015-11-04 16:31:31 UTC","","2016-11-04 16:31:31 UTC","serverTransferProhibited -- http://www.icann.org/epp#serverTransferProhibited|addPeriod -- http://www.icann.org/epp#addPeriod","2015-11-06 00:00:00 UTC","beautybyneraida@outlook.com","Neraida Hansen","","Wingerd 4","","","","CAPELLE AAN DEN IJSSEL","Nederland","2906 TJ","NETHERLANDS","","","31622720866","","beautybyneraida@outlook.com","Neraida Hansen","","Wingerd 4","","","","CAPELLE AAN DEN IJSSEL","Nederland","2906 TJ","NETHERLANDS","","","31622720866","","beautybyneraida@outlook.com","Neraida Hansen","","Wingerd 4","","","","CAPELLE AAN DEN IJSSEL","Nederland","2906 TJ","NETHERLANDS","","","31622720866","","beautybyneraida@outlook.com","Neraida Hansen","","Wingerd 4","","","","CAPELLE AAN DEN IJSSEL","Nederland","2906 TJ","NETHERLANDS","","","31622720866","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","146"

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